Currently // Summer

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Summer has got me feeling how much I wish to be child again. Okay to eat ice blocks for dinner, okay to have an afternoon nap, okay to be scarred at the arrival of loud storms, okay to unemployed and the luxury of zero responsibilities. The photo above shows my much loved childhood porcelain figurines, a collection that has grown with my current twenty-something-year-old-adult/nana hobby.

For those new to this spectator sport where I pretend to be a blogger, and you sometimes observe my attempts; I usually upload regular 'Just A Minute' monthly posts describing personal life events, recent reads, music I'm listening too and screen time highlights (films or tv series). These posts have been a constant but not recently, and this is a representation on how little time I have had this half of the year. However I always make time for music, so I created my first season mixtape for spring '14  and here is another for summer 14/15. I pinky promise each of you that regular posts will start happening after the christmas mayhem.


 1. Bon Iver Re-stacks
2. James Vincent West Coast 
3. Conor O'Brien Mysteries of Love
4. #1 Dads So Soldier (feat. Ainslie Wills)
5. The Paper Kites Featherstone
6. Glass Animals Gooey
7. Airling Wasted Pilots 
8. Zero 7 In The Waiting Line
9. Sarah Blasko God Fearing 
10. Seabear I Sing I Swim

Special Mention
Marc Ronson and Kevin Spacey - Daffodils 
Click here to listen because the internet has only provided a single shoddy phone camera footage of the band playing a live (early version) and I really really wanted to add it into the mix but due to quality restrictions yadda-yadda. I am totally loving this groovy Motown meets funk Tame Impala hybrid. 

Blue Mountains pt.1

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Okay, so Christmas in July was happening way back when we took a road trip to The Blue Mountains now it is only a few weeks away! Basically, I'm am a shocking excuse for a 'blogger'. I don't think you could call this visit to Katoomba a road trip or not but we were travelling from The Illawarra on the South Coast it was about three hours in the car. But there is something about an open window and the blurring of colours on a long drive that makes me recall Kerouac and youthful bliss.

We drove through heavy rain most of the journey to far Western Sydney and the mist blanketed the region's vast tablelands and valleys it formed droplets on my outstretched arm and made the scenery more beautiful. After a couple of quick pitstops by the time we reached the windy observation platform at National Park the clouds were moving low and fast above us, almost creating a mirror of the rolling landscape. I 'grammed a picture of a polaroid my sister and I on that platform and I was so petrified my hat would fly off.

Katoomba area is so lovely with it's cobblestone roads and old buildings but after spending so long in the car we were all feeling a bit feverish and conveniently we stumbled across a lady with two fluffy dogs she recommended  Station Bar pizza  Obviously, pizza cures travel sickness and we were feeling so much better and ready to continue our day. P.S I'm convinced the manager and I are musical soulmate because the playlist he was playing was awesome. We then explored the nearby streets and did a bit of retail shopping in the charity shops and used bookstores.

Lincoln's Rock is this magical place where the sky blends into the land and I could of lived the rest of my days here. I will let the photo's articulate the beauty of this phenomenal place. After spending a good hour at Lincoln's Rock we followed the chilly winds that swept off the mountains home. Part two of this Blue Mountain series will have photos from Grand Budapest Hotel themed shoot when we gate crashed an retirees Christmas in July function.

Currently // springtime

Friday, 24 October 2014

Music has this magical ability to ground me in a place and time. For instance, I can listen to Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago and instantly I am back in Vietnam on my 2012 trip because that album was on repeat on my ipod for the six weeks I spent overseas. I hope I'm not the only person to experience this time traveling ability because it is gift to vividly recall memories simply by pressing play.

So here is a compilation of all of the songs that have helped me transition into springtime these past few weeks. Not all of the tracks included below are bands I've seen live but I have included them in this mixtape for the seasonal vibes that resonate in their lyrical and compositional qualities. I hope the future picture I envision better memories of spring 2014 and not as woeful as my current over stressed uni & work schedule.


1. Alt- J The Gospel of John Hurt
2. Youth Lagoon Cannons
3. Lemaitre Cut To Black
4. The Weeknd Wicked Games
5. Slow Dancer Took The Floor Out 
6. Lisa Mitchell Wah Ha
7. Zeds Dead Remix Holding On For Life
8. #1 Dads Feat. Tom Snowdon Return To
9. Chet Faker 1998

Special Mention 
BANKS - Goddess 
I want to describe her music if Beyonce and Lorde had a musical baby, Banks would be it. Goddess is the album of the season. This album is a choreographer in moving my body on the 4km runs I've been doing lately. Give it a listen and see if you too, need motivation to do tasks you hate doing. I don't think I'm imagining the metta-narrative of feminism that is distinctive in this album (?) whatever this girls agenda is, I'm supportive of it. Bank's is visiting Australian shores in January for Laneway festivals and I think I might attend to hear the Goddess herself, in person.

Hill 60 War Tunnels

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Local legend says that these bunkers are haunted; so during daylight we went to judge for ourselves. Spoiler: they were not in fact haunted. Like any third year history major I researched the history of the tunnels whilst procrastinating on what to wear. 
The Hill 60 bunkers were once built to protect the nearby ports in World War Two, although these bunkers were never actively used in wartime events, the foundations for large guns are visible overlooking the ocean. The bunkers comprise of two tunnels, equipped with a series of rooms that branch off from the main walkway. Now abandoned, the two tunnels are used by locals to graffiti the walls and to party as quite obvious by the debris. The bunkers are not the most hygienic place to be spending time in so I don't plan on returning anytime soon. 
On the day we visited the tunnels it was quite overcast weather and it had a prominent winter chill to the air. I chose a preppy-Wednesday Adams themed outfit paired with my new Mui Mui glasses and black statement bag by Cambridge Satchel Company. I'm wearing an old button down black dress with white collar, underneath a Peter Alexander daywear Mickey Mouse sweater. My lipstick is Limecrime's Poisonberry.

Dallas Green at Sydney Opera House

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Sydney Opera House is a venue reserved only for the most exclusive events and on Thursday 24th July the city of Sydney heard Dallas Green (of City and Colour) as he sang his way into our hearts. Walking into the Opera House Concert Hall I notice how the layers of the building as seen from the exterior are mirrored accordingly. The room is arranged around a stage that seems to squeeze out of a condensed space of mezzanine levels, with balconies that hold seats filled by shadowy figures. My first impression of this space is of a blanket fort made from layered quilts and sheets. This theme of intimacy is heavily drawn upon as Dallas Green invite us all for an evening simply with Dallas, his guitar, and a harmonica.

Inside The Concert Hall, Dallas shared vivid stories of love, loss and spirituality in the form of his signature soulful vocals. Strange to describe but at moments during the night I could almost feel the entire auditorium breathe as one in these unison sighs. I imagined I could feel all the patrons express an inaudible feeling, triggered by the flow of effervescent sounds within the music that we all shared. Highlights of the evening were "Coming Home" and "Body In A Box" but it's difficult to choose favourites as the set was beautifully arranged with a variety of songs taken from Dallas Green's discography. "What Makes a Man" saw Green conduct the audience in a special Opera Concert Hall choir, which was very fun to be apart of. Another memorable part of the evening was Dallas honesty in describing the background of "The Grand Optimist" a lovely song with a powerful family message.

The set was finished like the majority of City and Colour sets with "Coming Home". I think the connection to blanket forts was made because in a special way I participated in a sacred ritual of blanket fort story telling that evening. It was inside these private spaces where secrets were whispered into the ears of invited friends, and lasting memories were made after the fort was demolished.

{ image taken on iPhone 5 by Shenay Spinelli }

Just A Minute | July

Thursday, 31 July 2014

This year has absolutely flown by and July was without a doubt the most adventurous of them all. My planner was filled to the brim this month with appointments, classes, concerts, parties or work. A close friend joked I lived an entire lifetime within these weeks. I would have to agree. July delivered highs and lows but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope August will give me a chance to unwind from the hectic past weeks but I might have to wait a little longer until early September when I've booked a trip to Melbourne. I so excited to be returning to the lovely city and I am prepared to drink the city dry of it's coffee.

Life events: A huge lifestyle game changer would have to be independent living, that has come into full effect. For instance I did my taxes by myself for the first time and I've been finding a passion for cooking (even if it means waiting patiently for things to bake in the oven or chasing screaming smoke alarms). I was very social in July and got out and about for a couple of events, like supporting by my best friend in Chicago, I visited some local heritage tunnels from WWII and road tripped to The Blue Mountains. Also I bought new Mui Mui reading glasses and I just think they are the bee's knees.

Reading: I finally finished reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth the third and final book in the Divergent series. The Welcome to Night Vale podcasts are so strange and marvellous, any fans of Twin Peaks will love. I discovered the hilarious twitter accompaniment to Welcome to Night Vale and it is everything I need to subdue my grumps on bad days. As for blogs I have been enjoying The Goodrich Wife whose photography and writing is so delightful.

Listening: July was the month for outstanding live music and I was there for four stellar performances.  I began the month with seeing Lorde at Sydney's Horden Pavillion and I wrote a review over here. Next show I saw was Dallas Green (City and Colour) at The Opera House, a review is in the works but a quick synopsis is it was magical. I'm a big fan of Ben Howard and his show at the Enmore theatre was very impressive. I can't help but swoon at his adorable messy hair and the honesty in his lyrics. I think the highlight of Ben Howard's show was his beautiful alternate live version of The Wolves. Also, I loved hearing the new album preview because it sounds amazing. Finally, I saw the dynamic bro/sis duo Broods whom kicked ass at Oxford Arts Factory. Broods set was energetic and good vibes radiated off the tiny venue and well into the night. As per usual here are my favourite new releases for July: The Griswolds 'Beware the Dog' / Alt-j 'Left Hand Free' / Vance Joy 'Mess is Mine' / Angus & Julia Stone 'A Heartbreak' / Jungle 'Julia' / Fractures - Won't Win

Watching: July was a lacklustre month for passive activities however I did spend one long night watching Penny Dreadful. A psychological thriller set in Victorian London and features famous fictional characters such as Dorian Grey, Frankenstein & Dracula. The cinematography, production aesthetics, costume department and cast are on point. Another show I got into was Fargo I've only seen three episodes so I don't have a review just yet but it has potential. As for films I watched Palo Alto starring James Franco & Emma Robberts. I was captivated by the aesthetics of shots and detailed colour schemes but the plot was disappointing. If writers want to include sensitive material such as rape and domestic violence as featured in Palo Alto please do it with the respect it deserves. These topics are extremely personal and Palo Alto completely veiled it in the background, I would advise viewer discretion unless you would like to rage with me. A youtube discovery of mine in July was Last Week Tonight with John Oliver a youtube channel that presents the current affairs in comical view. It is very informative and addictive and I would recommend to everyone who would like to know a bit more than the headline.

Listen: Chet Faker

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It is a known fact that everytime someone presses play on a Chet Faker song, doves take flight in procession of a marriage ceremony. Basically, Chet Faker creates the sounds that you want to get married to and even marry. That's right I said it; given the chance I wouldn't mind spending matrimony with those sweet-as-honey vocals & delicate instrumentals featured in the debut album Built On Glass. The mister behind the sounds is Nicholas Murphy, whom I had the pleasure of seeing perform on stage at Sydney's Enmore Theatre in June (to read the review click the 'read more').

Track 1. 'Release Your Problems'
Firstly, lets take a moment to appreciate the experience of listening to this album on vinyl…. the 180 gram perspex translucent 2LP records look luxurious sitting on a turntable. Now to the album, this track is perfectly arranged for listeners who just want to melt away for the album's duration. The opening notes are like those slow, rhythmic, hypnotising beats you would find being played at a yoga studio, but Chet's crooning vocals welcomes you into a bluesy but catchy chorus.
Feels a lot don't leave the light on I could be the warmest soul if I like What a night 

Track 2. 'Talk Is Cheap'
Saxophone - sax - s a x - sex..? How did we get to this point? Sexy instrumentals tease us for a while before Chet provides groovy vocals.
That's what I'm thinking Not what I'm drinking.. Talk is cheap, my darling When you're feeling right at home I wanna make you move with confidence I wanna be with you alone

Track 3. 'No Advice (Airport Version)'
We return to the yoga studio for some more chilled out vibes before an echoey Chet reminds us to breathe evenly because most of us are in delusional states of floating (down the aisle?)
I feel it in my bones I feel it take me home

Track 4. 'Melt' feat Kilo Kish
The character Flaca in Orange Is The New Black describes it best: "It’s like getting into a bath but the water is like warm, chocolate pudding."
You won't leave me alone, every time I rest you're in my head Breaking bones, Breaking bones You make me lose my time, fall all over the words

Track 5. 'Gold'
I'm not going to lie. This is one of my favourites of all time. I want to review it with justice but I'm way too emotionally invested to accurately describe it. Listen for yourself.
You gotta know, I'm feeling love Made of gold

Instagram roundup

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Instagram account is updated a lot more regularly than my blog. However I haven't done a catch up post on here in a very long time, so here is a roundup of what has been happening. I've decided to delve into my 'gram achieves from oldest to youngest.

Above… Is a collection of upload's between late March and late April. I can't believe these were only taken four months ago because it seems like a lifetime. Spring was in the air and I was still basking in the sun all day long. I was also going on day adventure trips with Jake and my sister. I was reading a lot of books and the sun had me loving just about everything.

white teeth teen

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Happy saturday to all you lovelies! I hope the weather is treating you to the same delights as it is here in Sydney. I would like to share a few images of my saturday uniform, I wore this out to get some San Churros signature Spanish hot chocolate's and churros with my sister and a few friends. However, this is sure setting a poor first impression for outfit posts when I decide to break a wardrobe commandment and pair navy and black. I'm sorry. Thank you to my sister for taking these shots of me; I am so awkward behind the camera.

Also please excuse the tiredness I was up late last night seeing Lorde perform at Horden Pavilion. Lorde was absolutely amazing! She has incredible stage presence and is entirely captivating with her dance moves. Establishing the vibe for the night Lorde opened with Glory and Gore a very powerful song to open with and my favourite. Lorde surprisingly remixed and sung alternate versions of songs and it felt so natural with the flow of the set. She was very interactive with the audience and just before Ribs she spoke of the influences behind the song. Specifically, she talked about her life as a young women dealing with fame and adult responsibilities. It was very sweet to hear that she thought Sydney-fans are the coolest and she wished she could be best friends with everyone of us. A World Alone as the finale was out of this world brilliant. It might have something to do with the confetti explosion or maybe the gold gown that she wore whilst she sung it. The night was magical and I am completely riding on the post-gig vibes well into the weekend.

Outfit details: jeans: ASOS, cardigan: vintage, top: Millers, brooch: Something For Doris, bag: Cambridge Satchel Company

Just A Minute | June

Monday, 30 June 2014

It is officially winter here in Sydney and this month was particularly highlighted with some changes beyond the thermometer! Sorry this is a delayed blog post, but sometimes life just throws you some curveballs and you have to roll with it.

Life events: Big news in June, my parents relocated to Perth, Western Australia and left the house with my sister and I. Also, I celebrated a primary school friend's 21st birthday; where I reconnected with school peers and six hours of belly laughs and a yummy food. This month was very opulent on my spending. I purchased my new camera (Canon 600D with two lenses) and I paid my fees for the second semester my course as well as paying a visit to Ikea to choose a wall unit for my new room. I feel so guilty after saving for so long. However my best friend left for a six week overseas trip to the Europe and I keep thinking of all the marvellous things she is up to in order to save my pennies.

Reading: I would like to say I read copious paperbacks but honestly June was all about the final university assessments which meant academic journals and other boring reading material. My favourite blog this month has been Margo And Me that is designed by Jenny. I couldn't resist her French blogging series that catalogued her chic travel style especially her Capes Away post. I highlight recommend milkteef that is curated by Emma with posts updated with impeccable photography and beauty features. I love her wardrobe posts especially the Chasing Summer With New Look where I almost bought the pineapple button up blouse impulsively seeing how lovely she styled it.

Listening: At the end of the month I was fortunate to see Chet Faker live (and meet the bearded legend) perform at Sydney's Enmore theatre. Read this review of his debut album Built On Glass and live performance on how this guy is slaying it. No surprise I'm still listening to Arctic Monkeys on repeat because the images Alex Turner dancing before me in still fresh in my memory and I have obsessed over the release of Snap Out Of It film clip. Some new tunes I have been digging Velociraptor - Ramona // Meg Mac - cover of Bridges // Kite String Tangle - Arcadia // Glass Animals - Pools // Alt-j  - Hunger of the Pine //  Skaters - Miss Teen Massachusetts // ASTA - My Heart Is On Fire // Andy Bull - Talk Too Much // Glastonbury music festival is everything I need, I love the live performances, festival atmosphere & chic style of attendee's. Theoretically it has the smoothing effect that a mug of tea typically has.

Watching: After finishing Orphan Black I proceeded to binge watch season two of Orange Is The New Black. I happen to think OITNB as the most important tv series to date to addresses the diverse sexuality, social-economic patterns, women, women prisioners, awesome characters. As for films I finally got around to watching Dallas Buyers Club this month, and it exceeded all and any expectations I had. I was super impressed with the acting of the entire cast and kept me engaged even with the morbid nature of HIV/AIDS. John Green broke my heart twice. First when I read the paperback The Fault In Our Stars in 2012 and this month when his book was adapted for the screen. 22 Jump Street was such a disappointment and I feel jipped out of my money by seeing it in the cinema. What happened you might ask? A bigger budget for this round meant focussing on lavish sets, car chases, explosions and not on the script. A few funny moments but not at all what the original film had to offer.

LOVE: Laura Mercier

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty has always been a passion of mine so I am excited to be sharing this review of this cosmetic dynamic duo. With youtube as the most current and reliable back pocket resource to have, I made some recent cosmetic purchases that has a title as beauty bloggers holy grail products. Also, I've finally got my sparkly new camera which is very exciting but please bare with me whilst I navigate around the settings and editing functions.

Fellow beauty aficionados will be familiar with Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and I can completely testify that is an absolute dream to wear. It is a lovely full coverage, non-cakey and matte velvet finish foundation and simply a pearl size amount covers my entire face. The positives of this product is it's thick consistency and how it reduces the appearance of my acne scarring as well as complexion redness. I'm in the shade Beige Ivory and RRP $59, David Jones

I was also told the miracles of a good primer and trialled MAC, Napolean Perdis and never found the perfect formula for my combination skin. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is the champion of makeup bases. It has a sheer lightweight gel formula and smoothes over my complexion. I'm glad I was offered a sample pot size of the oil free primer and found it didn't suit my skin at all making my foundation slip with slight perspiration or oil production into unflattering droplets. However, this formula helps keep my makeup fresh and in place all day long without being to heavy and thick. RRP $45, David Jones

XO's // etsy edition

Saturday, 14 June 2014

You only have to look at my browser history to discover a major guilt of mine; online shopping. I try to hide my growing Etsy shopping cart, that sight of which could make any financial advisor (or anyone with common sense) bleary eyed and nauseous. It's a hobby that can sometimes result in hours of browsing on the online indie market and become lost in all the beautiful handmade, vintage and haberdashery goods. I appreciate the time & energy these Etsy store owners take to curate their goods so I feel less guilty knowing that I'm supporting small businesses.

From top left clockwise (image one): Twin Peaks Brooch - 'Damn Fine Coffee' via Kates Little Store / Vintage 1950s Michael Novarese black and white tulle gown via Down Home Darling / gold Wayne leather ankle boots via Golden Ponies / Confetti cork envelope clutch via Golden Ponies / Moon Decal via i3Lab (image two): Floral Raincoat via Napkin Item / Hand with golden arrow necklace via Datter / Red Marianne T-bar Flats via Golden Ponies

Disclaimer: please forgive me if I lead anyone's savings astray

SHOP: Olivia Burton

Monday, 9 June 2014

Three cheers for Olivia Burton hip-hip-horray! The London based accessory designer causes my heart to flutter with all sorts of swoon and smitten. You can browse the entire watch collection at the Olivia Burton official online store. Alas, my wrist will remain bare and barren if my purse is concerned as I am saving every last penny to get me across to Europe in 2015. I absolutely adore the tan leather with golden bee face (second from the right). Please feel free to share your thoughts on the collection and which is your favourite.

Just A Minute | May

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Goodbye May and hello June. My month of May didn't feel as busy as it was, perhaps this was good because upon reflection it was such a full-on couple of weeks. Specifically, my schedule for the past seventeen months has been focused on my full time studies and part time work. However, I feel like May aligned my hard work and I felt like I was finally moving in the right direction with long term goals made me feel happy and passionate for the future.

Life events: I celebrated my twenty first birthday on the eighteenth of May and I visited the seaside town of Kiama for brunch and markets before being whisked away by friends for adventures. I don't believe I've ever had such a wonderful birthday and I feel spoilt by the love of family and friends. I graduated from my librarian course (Certificate IV). The small ceremony is just a minor point on my career path but it felt good to hold a piece of paper with my name affirming last year's twelve months of hard work and made me focus on my current Diploma studies in the same field. Also, my Instagram reached over 400 followers (which I should update more regularly). My month of May wouldn't have been as brilliant without the refurbishment my blog by Emily of Miss Black. I am so very grateful for the marvellous efforts and you can read about it over here.

Reading: Clearly I live in a pineapple under the sea after only just finding Sophie's blog The Private Life Of A Girl This post on The Art of Packing is very useful for and travellers and I got some helpful tips from this post on Second Hand Shopping Brodie's Brodie Jay whom is a fellow Sydneysider and is absolutely killing it with her clean layout, excellent quality photos and cosmetic reviews. Here are some of my favourite posts of hers USA Travel post: Las Vegas & Los Angeles and Brodie's cosmetic series and personal guide to finding the perfect blush The Edit: Blush

Listening: I was fortunate to see three outstanding live performances in May; Arctic Monkeys, Vance Joy & The Paper Kites. I wrote about my experiences at the Arctic Monkeys show in an earlier post and I can only stress how exceptional and is highly ranked in my Best Live Acts Ever. I saw Vance Joy at the Sydney Metro Theatre, he definitely has a way with music and making everyone in the room to fall in love with him. It would of been an ideal show but given the young crowd, less-than-ideal venue and mixed vibes of his set list it felt a bit lacking, although I can't wait for the release of his debut album! The Paper Kites absolutely nailed their live act at Bulli Heritage Hotel. One of the cheapest gigs  admittance I've ever paid for, I was surprised by how mellow and perfect the entire tonight felt in a beautiful venue (I wish I took photos to capture it).

Watching: I happen to be the sort of person who has obsessive tendencies and during May I binged watched two awesome series Orphan Black and Broad City. I don't think I have ever sat in front of my laptop or ignored the pressing deadline of a university assignment like ever when discovering Orphan Black. The series is centred around the mysterious suicide of a police officer and develops into a larger more complex plot twists involving scientific discoveries, murder and a frightening soccer mum character. Broad City is fantastic. I want to share every single detail and how I wish Abbie and Ilana were my best friends, r maybe I should just mention Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls) is a executive producer on the show and that should just about convince you. I also discovered Late Night With Seth Myers youtube channel and watched guest appearances and funny cameos of Portlandia's Fred. As for films I watched Kill Your Darlings after reading how it is based off the true events around the Beat Generation cultural movement.

Aleksandra Zee

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Aleksandra Zee is responsible for my latest obsession with geometric patterns. Zee is a San Francisco creative whom makes tables, headboards and wall hanging textile designs. Her wooden creations are the perfect mix of a bohemian and American southwest vibes. I love the transcendence of natural shades and shapes that results in a perfect elemental balance. Aleksandra Zee reminds me of a chic Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) However, with her thick gorgeous mane and a workshop upholstered in fairy lights she is in a carpenter league of her own. Please check out Zee's instagram for daily reminders of how effortlessly she makes 'hard work' look.

{images: here / here}

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's hard for some to understand my love for British band Arctic Monkeys. I receive either eye rolls or gasps when I disclose how I queued up since 10:30 in the morning for their Tuesday May 6 Sydney show. Accompanied by my friend Yelena, we were as close to the stage you could possibly get and to be amongst that mosh pit was an incredible experience. There was a distinct kinetic energy in the sold out venue as they opened with Do I Wanna Know? (No. 4 in the Hottest 100) My highlights of the night were songs Knee Socks, One For The Road and R U Mine?

King of Swagger; Mr Alex Turner entertained us all night with his hip swings, cheerleader kicks, shimmying and shaking. I was so surprised to see myself starring up at Alex with adulation featured in a Faster Louder review of the night! I can't make this post without mentioning the hilarious quotes from Alex Turner. Here are a few of my favourites:
 "Oh no, I've rocked my comb out of my pocket" 
"Somethings going to happen Sydney, you've got that look in your eye" 
"Quite down there, Love"
"I only slept with her sister after all that"
"How do you feel about that new Monkeys album down in this part of the world?"
"Good grief" 

{my own images taken on iPhone 4s}


Friday, 25 April 2014

I've been absent from this little space on the internet and I thought I might return with a few serendipitous bits from other corners of the web:

+ i'm loving this blog after discovering this awesome instagram

+ giggles galore reading this article on how to spot a hipster

+ this driving manual by a German college student (Gregor Weichbrodt) is based on the geographic info in On The Road (by Kerouac)

+ this twitter is everything

+ it's true sometimes our brains have too many tabs open

this video of the Orla Kiely AW14 collection

+ Atlantis is within our sights with these plans of a sea explorer vessel

+ tears in my eyes over this news of children reading to shelter animals

// Wishlist Wears: keeping it nanna chic with this lace collar jumper // this laser-cut tote which exceeds my budget by a couple of zero's // these bee happy shoes are too cute for words // this crazy cat lady tee // this ice cream scarf // completely in awe of the embroidery on this dress // cute socks part i // cute socks part ii //


Petra Collins | Salvation Mountain

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Petra Collin's lens is responsible for this Salvation Mountain based editorial that was featured in Rookie. The models perpetuate a Lisbon sister vibe, with those flowy white blouses, peach lip gloss, and wavy hair. The shoot seems to be a testimony to the mountain itself; built in the 70's by Leonard Knight as a expression of peace and love. 

Watch: Grand Budapest hotel

Monday, 31 March 2014

Wes Anderson magic has had me spellbound for years. The colour themes, the soundtracks, those loveable characters, the attention to detail, the costumes, the funny quotes, the interesting story lines, and of course Bill Murray. The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception to signature Wes Anderson splendour having entranced me in the exciting tale of Lobby-boy Zero and Maître ´d M. Gustav (Ralph Fiennes) whom are involved in a conspiracy surrounding estate arrangements. My personal review… 

Vivetta FW 13/14

Friday, 21 March 2014

Doesn't Vivetta's Fall Winter 13/14 lookbook inspire cravings for a bag of liquorice all sorts! This collection includes some of my favourite things; pastel blues, peachy pink hues, ribbons, velvet and gold embroidery. 

Just A Minute | February

Friday, 28 February 2014

Instagram - @mispaperdoll
1. beach dates with Kerouac 2. mum's girls: duck & tandoori 3. op shop finds
 4. rose garden picnics 5. indian cuisine 6. pink cactus
7. what would Beyonce do? 8. clouds 9. friday frivolity 

LISTENING: Chet Faker & Beyoncé 

READING: On The Road by Jack Kerouac, Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

WATCHING: tv: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (oldie on the block but completely fresh), Brooklyn Nine Nine (Andy Samberg is such a good laugh) Hannibal (Cannibals featuring puppy love), My Mad Fat Diary (Rae Earl fan club) films: Before Sunrise (very poetic & beautiful), Carrie (interesting adaption)

LOVING: styling dull doors into new d.i.y chalkboards / incorporating indoor plants into my home 

OTHER THINGS: Looking forward to watching The Grand Budapest Hotel at a Sydney premier event / native bee seminar later this month 

Hanna Haley | Summertime Girls

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Californian artist Hanna Haley takes these beautiful photographs captured around her home in San Francisco. These photos transpire thoughts of magical girls who embody facets of summer. I can imagine a story that involves these transformed girls who yield mischief upon sleepy towns, breaking the hearts of mere mortal men, or simply spreading peace and happiness. 

Spotlight | Dearly Beloved

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Oh-my doesn't this wedding editorial make my heart sing! I have a not-so-private obsession with weddings, such lengths involve my 'dearly beloved' pinterest feed and a etsy shopping wishlist filled with antique jewelsThese beautiful photos caught my eye on Kelsey Genna's Facebook page a designer whom I am completely enamoured withThe bride wore Kelsey Genna Buttercup Dress such a beautiful, contemporary, twist of the traditional white bridal gown. Photos taken by Lara Hotz Photography for Hello May I love the video that accompanies the photoshoot and will definitely opt for one when planning my own wedding.

Just A Minute | January

Friday, 31 January 2014

Instagram - @mispaperdoll
1. saturday brunch by the seaside2. sarah blasko inside a cathedral 3. my vote hottest 100
 4. toxic rainbows 5. my summer reads  6. sydney opera house
7. museum dates with the dinosaurs 8. diptyque candle love 9. washi tape vase

Listening… Daughter / Triple J's Hottest 100 / 
Appleonia  / Vancouver Sleep Clinic The last two bands were the supporting acts of recent concerts I attended click here to download Appleonia's album and three meals will be donated by Oz Harvest.

Reading… Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin / The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian by Alexie Sherman / I'd Tell You I love you but I Would Have to Kill you by Ally Carter / Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Watching… The Book Thief / Her I absolutely loved Her and the film has become a favourite of mine. I recently got recommended tv series Fresh Meat and have seen every episode to date on a 'show binge'. With mixed emotions I announce that I have reached the end of Buffy I didn't quite enjoy the seventh season as much as others but I think I'm just being bitter in spite of my favourite tv program ending. Brooklyn Nine Nine has been my recent show binge this month after it killed it at the award ceremonies over in the States. 


// mango smoothies
// soirees with lovely company 
// beach runs in the diaphanous sun
// this butterfly map that is a cruel but gorgeous
// Figgy Maple Bourbon Fizz looks so good
// Anila Quayyum Agha's installation 'Intersections' is a suspended cube that casts beautiful shadows
// Jungle Giants just announced a tour and I'm excited
// The lovely gal's over at Beautiful Mess kindly shared this chain braid hair tutorial

Out & About | Sydney Festival

The window of opportunity to enjoy the splendour of my freedom before my studies resume was closing, so one last soiree in the city was launched. As part of the Sydney Summer Festival I attended were War Is Over at the MCA and Exxopolis Architects Of Air: Luminaruim. Luck was on our side as we had quintessential summer weather, ideal for exploring the city sights. First on the agenda was Exxopolis Architects Of Air: Luminaruim is essentially a jumping castle you can walk through. Exploring the installation space of Exxopolis I was captivated by a diaphanous sky filled with a rainbow of colours.

It curiously reminded me of an episode of animated children's show Magic School Bus inside a human body. However, the calming sounds and air conditioned vents make for a pleasant experience and I would of happily napped all afternoon if it wasn't time to hop over the harbour to The Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay.

War Is Over (Only If You Want) by artist and purveyor of peace Yoko Ono is a entirely unique art-space and gallery experience. It incorporates sculpture, immersive installations, written texts, films, sound compositions and participatory art works. It runs until 23 February and I would recommend visiting if you haven't already.

War Is Over (Only If You Want) 
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 
140 George Street The Rocks 
T +61 2 9245 2400
Exxopolis Architects Of Air
Opera House Forecourt
Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000
T +61 2 9250 7111