I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's hard for some to understand my love for British band Arctic Monkeys. I receive either eye rolls or gasps when I disclose how I queued up since 10:30 in the morning for their Tuesday May 6 Sydney show. Accompanied by my friend Yelena, we were as close to the stage you could possibly get and to be amongst that mosh pit was an incredible experience. There was a distinct kinetic energy in the sold out venue as they opened with Do I Wanna Know? (No. 4 in the Hottest 100) My highlights of the night were songs Knee Socks, One For The Road and R U Mine?

King of Swagger; Mr Alex Turner entertained us all night with his hip swings, cheerleader kicks, shimmying and shaking. I was so surprised to see myself starring up at Alex with adulation featured in a Faster Louder review of the night! I can't make this post without mentioning the hilarious quotes from Alex Turner. Here are a few of my favourites:
 "Oh no, I've rocked my comb out of my pocket" 
"Somethings going to happen Sydney, you've got that look in your eye" 
"Quite down there, Love"
"I only slept with her sister after all that"
"How do you feel about that new Monkeys album down in this part of the world?"
"Good grief" 

{my own images taken on iPhone 4s}


  1. I'm sad I missed out on seeing them, though the night they played in Brisbane I was in bed early, super tired (as usual) and I actually felt a bit of relief that I didn't have to be at a concert once I was all warm in bed. The post title is one of my favourite songs of theirs, I always play it before a night out, it really gets me in the mood to move!

    1. I can completely relate to the dilemma of choosing the comforts of your bed to the cramped surrounds of a mosh pit! However, Arctic Monkeys were absolutely amazing and if you do get the opportunity to see them perform don't miss out again.

      Paige XO's

  2. i was lucky i ended up going to their gig last minute through my old work and it was a really good show, i'm really glad i got to go along as i've not seem them live before and seeing a band live always makes me appreciate them more if they're good, and the arctic monkeys were great!

    little henry lee