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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Goodbye May and hello June. My month of May didn't feel as busy as it was, perhaps this was good because upon reflection it was such a full-on couple of weeks. Specifically, my schedule for the past seventeen months has been focused on my full time studies and part time work. However, I feel like May aligned my hard work and I felt like I was finally moving in the right direction with long term goals made me feel happy and passionate for the future.

Life events: I celebrated my twenty first birthday on the eighteenth of May and I visited the seaside town of Kiama for brunch and markets before being whisked away by friends for adventures. I don't believe I've ever had such a wonderful birthday and I feel spoilt by the love of family and friends. I graduated from my librarian course (Certificate IV). The small ceremony is just a minor point on my career path but it felt good to hold a piece of paper with my name affirming last year's twelve months of hard work and made me focus on my current Diploma studies in the same field. Also, my Instagram reached over 400 followers (which I should update more regularly). My month of May wouldn't have been as brilliant without the refurbishment my blog by Emily of Miss Black. I am so very grateful for the marvellous efforts and you can read about it over here.

Reading: Clearly I live in a pineapple under the sea after only just finding Sophie's blog The Private Life Of A Girl This post on The Art of Packing is very useful for and travellers and I got some helpful tips from this post on Second Hand Shopping Brodie's Brodie Jay whom is a fellow Sydneysider and is absolutely killing it with her clean layout, excellent quality photos and cosmetic reviews. Here are some of my favourite posts of hers USA Travel post: Las Vegas & Los Angeles and Brodie's cosmetic series and personal guide to finding the perfect blush The Edit: Blush

Listening: I was fortunate to see three outstanding live performances in May; Arctic Monkeys, Vance Joy & The Paper Kites. I wrote about my experiences at the Arctic Monkeys show in an earlier post and I can only stress how exceptional and is highly ranked in my Best Live Acts Ever. I saw Vance Joy at the Sydney Metro Theatre, he definitely has a way with music and making everyone in the room to fall in love with him. It would of been an ideal show but given the young crowd, less-than-ideal venue and mixed vibes of his set list it felt a bit lacking, although I can't wait for the release of his debut album! The Paper Kites absolutely nailed their live act at Bulli Heritage Hotel. One of the cheapest gigs  admittance I've ever paid for, I was surprised by how mellow and perfect the entire tonight felt in a beautiful venue (I wish I took photos to capture it).

Watching: I happen to be the sort of person who has obsessive tendencies and during May I binged watched two awesome series Orphan Black and Broad City. I don't think I have ever sat in front of my laptop or ignored the pressing deadline of a university assignment like ever when discovering Orphan Black. The series is centred around the mysterious suicide of a police officer and develops into a larger more complex plot twists involving scientific discoveries, murder and a frightening soccer mum character. Broad City is fantastic. I want to share every single detail and how I wish Abbie and Ilana were my best friends, r maybe I should just mention Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls) is a executive producer on the show and that should just about convince you. I also discovered Late Night With Seth Myers youtube channel and watched guest appearances and funny cameos of Portlandia's Fred. As for films I watched Kill Your Darlings after reading how it is based off the true events around the Beat Generation cultural movement.

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