Just A Minute | June

Monday, 30 June 2014

It is officially winter here in Sydney and this month was particularly highlighted with some changes beyond the thermometer! Sorry this is a delayed blog post, but sometimes life just throws you some curveballs and you have to roll with it.

Life events: Big news in June, my parents relocated to Perth, Western Australia and left the house with my sister and I. Also, I celebrated a primary school friend's 21st birthday; where I reconnected with school peers and six hours of belly laughs and a yummy food. This month was very opulent on my spending. I purchased my new camera (Canon 600D with two lenses) and I paid my fees for the second semester my course as well as paying a visit to Ikea to choose a wall unit for my new room. I feel so guilty after saving for so long. However my best friend left for a six week overseas trip to the Europe and I keep thinking of all the marvellous things she is up to in order to save my pennies.

Reading: I would like to say I read copious paperbacks but honestly June was all about the final university assessments which meant academic journals and other boring reading material. My favourite blog this month has been Margo And Me that is designed by Jenny. I couldn't resist her French blogging series that catalogued her chic travel style especially her Capes Away post. I highlight recommend milkteef that is curated by Emma with posts updated with impeccable photography and beauty features. I love her wardrobe posts especially the Chasing Summer With New Look where I almost bought the pineapple button up blouse impulsively seeing how lovely she styled it.

Listening: At the end of the month I was fortunate to see Chet Faker live (and meet the bearded legend) perform at Sydney's Enmore theatre. Read this review of his debut album Built On Glass and live performance on how this guy is slaying it. No surprise I'm still listening to Arctic Monkeys on repeat because the images Alex Turner dancing before me in still fresh in my memory and I have obsessed over the release of Snap Out Of It film clip. Some new tunes I have been digging Velociraptor - Ramona // Meg Mac - cover of Bridges // Kite String Tangle - Arcadia // Glass Animals - Pools // Alt-j  - Hunger of the Pine //  Skaters - Miss Teen Massachusetts // ASTA - My Heart Is On Fire // Andy Bull - Talk Too Much // Glastonbury music festival is everything I need, I love the live performances, festival atmosphere & chic style of attendee's. Theoretically it has the smoothing effect that a mug of tea typically has.

Watching: After finishing Orphan Black I proceeded to binge watch season two of Orange Is The New Black. I happen to think OITNB as the most important tv series to date to addresses the diverse sexuality, social-economic patterns, women, women prisioners, awesome characters. As for films I finally got around to watching Dallas Buyers Club this month, and it exceeded all and any expectations I had. I was super impressed with the acting of the entire cast and kept me engaged even with the morbid nature of HIV/AIDS. John Green broke my heart twice. First when I read the paperback The Fault In Our Stars in 2012 and this month when his book was adapted for the screen. 22 Jump Street was such a disappointment and I feel jipped out of my money by seeing it in the cinema. What happened you might ask? A bigger budget for this round meant focussing on lavish sets, car chases, explosions and not on the script. A few funny moments but not at all what the original film had to offer.

LOVE: Laura Mercier

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty has always been a passion of mine so I am excited to be sharing this review of this cosmetic dynamic duo. With youtube as the most current and reliable back pocket resource to have, I made some recent cosmetic purchases that has a title as beauty bloggers holy grail products. Also, I've finally got my sparkly new camera which is very exciting but please bare with me whilst I navigate around the settings and editing functions.

Fellow beauty aficionados will be familiar with Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and I can completely testify that is an absolute dream to wear. It is a lovely full coverage, non-cakey and matte velvet finish foundation and simply a pearl size amount covers my entire face. The positives of this product is it's thick consistency and how it reduces the appearance of my acne scarring as well as complexion redness. I'm in the shade Beige Ivory and RRP $59, David Jones

I was also told the miracles of a good primer and trialled MAC, Napolean Perdis and never found the perfect formula for my combination skin. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is the champion of makeup bases. It has a sheer lightweight gel formula and smoothes over my complexion. I'm glad I was offered a sample pot size of the oil free primer and found it didn't suit my skin at all making my foundation slip with slight perspiration or oil production into unflattering droplets. However, this formula helps keep my makeup fresh and in place all day long without being to heavy and thick. RRP $45, David Jones

XO's // etsy edition

Saturday, 14 June 2014

You only have to look at my browser history to discover a major guilt of mine; online shopping. I try to hide my growing Etsy shopping cart, that sight of which could make any financial advisor (or anyone with common sense) bleary eyed and nauseous. It's a hobby that can sometimes result in hours of browsing on the online indie market and become lost in all the beautiful handmade, vintage and haberdashery goods. I appreciate the time & energy these Etsy store owners take to curate their goods so I feel less guilty knowing that I'm supporting small businesses.

From top left clockwise (image one): Twin Peaks Brooch - 'Damn Fine Coffee' via Kates Little Store / Vintage 1950s Michael Novarese black and white tulle gown via Down Home Darling / gold Wayne leather ankle boots via Golden Ponies / Confetti cork envelope clutch via Golden Ponies / Moon Decal via i3Lab (image two): Floral Raincoat via Napkin Item / Hand with golden arrow necklace via Datter / Red Marianne T-bar Flats via Golden Ponies

Disclaimer: please forgive me if I lead anyone's savings astray

SHOP: Olivia Burton

Monday, 9 June 2014

Three cheers for Olivia Burton hip-hip-horray! The London based accessory designer causes my heart to flutter with all sorts of swoon and smitten. You can browse the entire watch collection at the Olivia Burton official online store. Alas, my wrist will remain bare and barren if my purse is concerned as I am saving every last penny to get me across to Europe in 2015. I absolutely adore the tan leather with golden bee face (second from the right). Please feel free to share your thoughts on the collection and which is your favourite.