Currently // springtime

Friday, 24 October 2014

Music has this magical ability to ground me in a place and time. For instance, I can listen to Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago and instantly I am back in Vietnam on my 2012 trip because that album was on repeat on my ipod for the six weeks I spent overseas. I hope I'm not the only person to experience this time traveling ability because it is gift to vividly recall memories simply by pressing play.

So here is a compilation of all of the songs that have helped me transition into springtime these past few weeks. Not all of the tracks included below are bands I've seen live but I have included them in this mixtape for the seasonal vibes that resonate in their lyrical and compositional qualities. I hope the future picture I envision better memories of spring 2014 and not as woeful as my current over stressed uni & work schedule.


1. Alt- J The Gospel of John Hurt
2. Youth Lagoon Cannons
3. Lemaitre Cut To Black
4. The Weeknd Wicked Games
5. Slow Dancer Took The Floor Out 
6. Lisa Mitchell Wah Ha
7. Zeds Dead Remix Holding On For Life
8. #1 Dads Feat. Tom Snowdon Return To
9. Chet Faker 1998

Special Mention 
BANKS - Goddess 
I want to describe her music if Beyonce and Lorde had a musical baby, Banks would be it. Goddess is the album of the season. This album is a choreographer in moving my body on the 4km runs I've been doing lately. Give it a listen and see if you too, need motivation to do tasks you hate doing. I don't think I'm imagining the metta-narrative of feminism that is distinctive in this album (?) whatever this girls agenda is, I'm supportive of it. Bank's is visiting Australian shores in January for Laneway festivals and I think I might attend to hear the Goddess herself, in person.