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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My goodness, October has been such a busy month for me! My acedemic persuits have me bouncing from two campus' and studying around twenty hours a week whilst juggling a casaul job. Sometimes I need to pause and have a time-out, watching movies offers that respite. I recently watched Mud (2012) directed by Jeff Nichols it follows Ellis, just your average forteen year old boy living in Mississippi and the proceeding events after the discovery of a mysterous man on his island playground.

I love stories that follow that young adult 'coming-of-age' plot formula, however this film subverts some traditional ascepts whilst presenting a film that you just can't help to love. The cinematography in this film is outstanding and captures every imaginable detail of the town Arkansas needed to place yourself in the scene. There are some really fragile moments in this film and although I feel uncomfrotable with the portrayal of women I feel like the redemption of the film is in the fabulous acting and beautiful shots. If you're a fan of films like 'Stand By Me', even Huckleberry Finn or mystery dramas, please go see it.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mad About Yellow! (pt1)

Mad About Yellow! (pt2)

Ive recently developed a penchant for yellow. I simply can not explain it. Perhaps I can put it to the warmer weather that spring has bestowed upon us in lovely South Coast? As a bonefide Inside Out, Vogue Living, magazine hoarder and Grand Designs fan, I am enchanted with the world of interior design. In almost all magazine features this past S/S 13 yellow is killing it! I just can't get enough of it. Spring is the season for makeovers and the past few shopping trips to Domayne and Freedom Furniture and perhaps the (sneaky geeza online see: Urban Outiftters) I am cateloguing the stand-out examples of yellow. Here are some of my notable favourites and I emplore you to join me with this yellow madness.

(a) Orla Kiely Multi Stem Shade, Domayne (buy it here)
(b) Studio Floor Lamp, Domayne (buy it here)
(c) Amber Glass Lamp, Domayne (buy it here)
(d) World Globe, Domayne (buy it here)
(e) Studio Floor Lamp, Freedom (buy it here)
(f) Geo Chevron Lamp, Domayne (buy it here)
(g) Bahamas Lamp, Domayne (buy it here)
(h) Gumball Desk Lamp, Urban Outfitters (buy it here)
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Monday, 14 October 2013





(i) Mini-photoshoot outside the Sydney Vintage Fair featuring a steam train, myself (left) and my darling friend Charlotte (ii) Another shameless candid inside the fair with Charlotte & myself (iii) My autographed ticket (iv) Weekend nostalgia a collection of memorabilia (v) Foals - Milk and Black Spiders  

I've used this blogging space before to document my musings and share special moments, however this has taken me quite some time to clearly print in words my absolute happiness expressed on the last weekend of September. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th are two days that still bring a smile to my face, it was when I ventured up to Sydney to reunite with my darling friend Charlotte who now studies and lives in the city. During these two days we planed to visit the Sydney Vintage Fair held at Australian Technology Park Eveleigh which was such a lovely convention cateloguing treasures from the past. We both had visited an earlier vintage fair before however this blew those out of the water! The stalls were filled to the brim with beautiful antique trinkets and the stall keepers eftpos friendly and more than willing to chat. We were both throughoully impressed by the range, the quality and prices offered; this was further exceeded when the venue hosted a mid-afternoon vintage fashion parade that was fun, flirty & frilly! After strutting (what seemed like 50 laps of the venue) in our heels we decided to shashay I to the neighbouring city of Redfern for gin & tonics and retire for the afternoon. 

As afternoon transcended into evening Charlotte trotted off to visit her partner & I busied myself with getting ready for a concert I have been counting down on my calender for months! Foals has been a band that has supported me lyrically & acoustically through some rough times. Their albums are filled with moments in music where the instruments climb to ascension and fill me with a surge of power. This year I have upped my live gig game and have seen some of my favourite bands play music such as ALT-J, Snakadacktal, Jinga Safari, Josh Pyke and a few more local bands. Foals did not disappoint the gig was phenomenal Yannis crowd surfed twice, managing to dive into the crowd from level one designated seating balcony (risky) and the band played a awesome set. This was experienced from a fence position right up the front of Jimmy at a sold out show. Besides some minor issues with drunken guys pushing and being rude the night was amazing. I caught the guitar pic and managed to meet to boys & the support band Alpine after the show who were happy to chat and sign my ticket. The hour I spent chatting with my favourite band will go down in history. I always tried to envision how I would react when meeting a celebrity and now I can say I kept my cool and tried to act as down to earth as possible. I didn't have a camera with me on the night to take photos however regrets are pointless and I loved the night.

The next morning we rose late and ventured into Newtown stopping in at Goulds bookstore, then a pit stop at Campos coffee before popping in and out of boutique stores picking up miscellaneous goodies along the way. Both of us live busy schedules and trips to the cinema are rare so when the Dendy theatre on King St advertised Mood Indigo we jumped at the chance to view it! I am a big fan of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by French cinematographer Michel Gondry. We both adored it and couldn't have thought of a more perfect way to wrap up a lovely weekend. I took the train back down the south coast and back to reality. (Sigh)

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