Friday, 25 April 2014

I've been absent from this little space on the internet and I thought I might return with a few serendipitous bits from other corners of the web:

+ i'm loving this blog after discovering this awesome instagram

+ giggles galore reading this article on how to spot a hipster

+ this driving manual by a German college student (Gregor Weichbrodt) is based on the geographic info in On The Road (by Kerouac)

+ this twitter is everything

+ it's true sometimes our brains have too many tabs open

this video of the Orla Kiely AW14 collection

+ Atlantis is within our sights with these plans of a sea explorer vessel

+ tears in my eyes over this news of children reading to shelter animals

// Wishlist Wears: keeping it nanna chic with this lace collar jumper // this laser-cut tote which exceeds my budget by a couple of zero's // these bee happy shoes are too cute for words // this crazy cat lady tee // this ice cream scarf // completely in awe of the embroidery on this dress // cute socks part i // cute socks part ii //



  1. I was chuckling so much at the hipster articular! Gee wiz haha.

    These are all such interesting links, thank you for sharing Paige

    xx Carina

  2. Damn, I loved this post. The cat shelter with the kids reading is such a heartwarming idea :)
    Laughing so much at the hipster article oh my god!
    It's a shame I don't drive, otherwise I'd be on a road trip to honour Kerouac^^