Instagram roundup

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Instagram account is updated a lot more regularly than my blog. However I haven't done a catch up post on here in a very long time, so here is a roundup of what has been happening. I've decided to delve into my 'gram achieves from oldest to youngest.

Above… Is a collection of upload's between late March and late April. I can't believe these were only taken four months ago because it seems like a lifetime. Spring was in the air and I was still basking in the sun all day long. I was also going on day adventure trips with Jake and my sister. I was reading a lot of books and the sun had me loving just about everything.

Below… These photos were 'gramed early May to early June. What a blissful month it was! I don't think 2014 has another May tucked up it's sleeve, but I'm content with the couple of weeks I had. Undoubtedly seeing Arctic Monkey's live from a front and centre barrier position stole this month's highlight. During this time I had my 21st birthday and I was showered in lovely gifts and the company of good friends.

Below… Are most recent from early June to late July. You've probably noticed the shift in colours to mirror the weather, as well as my tendency to take photos indoors..? It has been winter and chilly days ahoy! I've slowed down updating my social's during this time because this has been a very busy transition period in my life. Most weeks are mostly the same working in retail part time (20 hrs), my library & i.t studies (14 hrs) and third year university (12 hrs). I'm pretty new at the 'adult game' that comes with independent living; these shorter day's aren't much help with my long 'to-do' lists, but I'm slowly adapting. 


  1. Ahh tell me your secret to such pretty Instagram pictures!

  2. These are all so lovely! Definitely going to go find you on Instagram now! X