Just A Minute | July

Thursday, 31 July 2014

This year has absolutely flown by and July was without a doubt the most adventurous of them all. My planner was filled to the brim this month with appointments, classes, concerts, parties or work. A close friend joked I lived an entire lifetime within these weeks. I would have to agree. July delivered highs and lows but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope August will give me a chance to unwind from the hectic past weeks but I might have to wait a little longer until early September when I've booked a trip to Melbourne. I so excited to be returning to the lovely city and I am prepared to drink the city dry of it's coffee.

Life events: A huge lifestyle game changer would have to be independent living, that has come into full effect. For instance I did my taxes by myself for the first time and I've been finding a passion for cooking (even if it means waiting patiently for things to bake in the oven or chasing screaming smoke alarms). I was very social in July and got out and about for a couple of events, like supporting by my best friend in Chicago, I visited some local heritage tunnels from WWII and road tripped to The Blue Mountains. Also I bought new Mui Mui reading glasses and I just think they are the bee's knees.

Reading: I finally finished reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth the third and final book in the Divergent series. The Welcome to Night Vale podcasts are so strange and marvellous, any fans of Twin Peaks will love. I discovered the hilarious twitter accompaniment to Welcome to Night Vale and it is everything I need to subdue my grumps on bad days. As for blogs I have been enjoying The Goodrich Wife whose photography and writing is so delightful.

Listening: July was the month for outstanding live music and I was there for four stellar performances.  I began the month with seeing Lorde at Sydney's Horden Pavillion and I wrote a review over here. Next show I saw was Dallas Green (City and Colour) at The Opera House, a review is in the works but a quick synopsis is it was magical. I'm a big fan of Ben Howard and his show at the Enmore theatre was very impressive. I can't help but swoon at his adorable messy hair and the honesty in his lyrics. I think the highlight of Ben Howard's show was his beautiful alternate live version of The Wolves. Also, I loved hearing the new album preview because it sounds amazing. Finally, I saw the dynamic bro/sis duo Broods whom kicked ass at Oxford Arts Factory. Broods set was energetic and good vibes radiated off the tiny venue and well into the night. As per usual here are my favourite new releases for July: The Griswolds 'Beware the Dog' / Alt-j 'Left Hand Free' / Vance Joy 'Mess is Mine' / Angus & Julia Stone 'A Heartbreak' / Jungle 'Julia' / Fractures - Won't Win

Watching: July was a lacklustre month for passive activities however I did spend one long night watching Penny Dreadful. A psychological thriller set in Victorian London and features famous fictional characters such as Dorian Grey, Frankenstein & Dracula. The cinematography, production aesthetics, costume department and cast are on point. Another show I got into was Fargo I've only seen three episodes so I don't have a review just yet but it has potential. As for films I watched Palo Alto starring James Franco & Emma Robberts. I was captivated by the aesthetics of shots and detailed colour schemes but the plot was disappointing. If writers want to include sensitive material such as rape and domestic violence as featured in Palo Alto please do it with the respect it deserves. These topics are extremely personal and Palo Alto completely veiled it in the background, I would advise viewer discretion unless you would like to rage with me. A youtube discovery of mine in July was Last Week Tonight with John Oliver a youtube channel that presents the current affairs in comical view. It is very informative and addictive and I would recommend to everyone who would like to know a bit more than the headline.


  1. I love Ben Howard so much I got emotional reading about you seeing him! I saw him last year but he didn't come up my way this tour and I'm still sad about it. I guess I'll have to wait for the new album + tour. Also his messy hair will be the DEATH OF ME. I love when he does the odd TV appearance and he's got his hair all combed as though he's been on the phone with his mother telling him "make sure to comb your hair!!!!"

    I've been meaning to watch Penny Dreadful for ages, I'll have to hurry up with it. I'm terrible at keeping up with TV shows and things. Your month overall sounds like it was so exciting. Something I'm craving desperately these days!

    1. Ben Howard was simply marvellous! He warmed the cool winter's evening, filling the venue with vibrations of his beautifully soft voice. But if you've seen him live before you needn't know how lovely his show was because it speaks for itself. Ben's hair appeared to be unwashed and completely dishevelled in a heartbreakingly adorable way. I hope he releases the song's I heard previewed quick smart!

      I would recommend Penny Dreadful to fans of American Horror Story or people whom can tolerate a little gore and scariness; but overall a gorgeous show with a solid script and stunning production details. July was one of those spontaneous months of spontaneous youthful adventures, but boy do I feel old now!

  2. Fargo series... So so good!! I'm watching Penny Dreadful because of Eva Green only ahah

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