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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It is a known fact that everytime someone presses play on a Chet Faker song, doves take flight in procession of a marriage ceremony. Basically, Chet Faker creates the sounds that you want to get married to and even marry. That's right I said it; given the chance I wouldn't mind spending matrimony with those sweet-as-honey vocals & delicate instrumentals featured in the debut album Built On Glass. The mister behind the sounds is Nicholas Murphy, whom I had the pleasure of seeing perform on stage at Sydney's Enmore Theatre in June (to read the review click the 'read more').

Track 1. 'Release Your Problems'
Firstly, lets take a moment to appreciate the experience of listening to this album on vinyl…. the 180 gram perspex translucent 2LP records look luxurious sitting on a turntable. Now to the album, this track is perfectly arranged for listeners who just want to melt away for the album's duration. The opening notes are like those slow, rhythmic, hypnotising beats you would find being played at a yoga studio, but Chet's crooning vocals welcomes you into a bluesy but catchy chorus.
Feels a lot don't leave the light on I could be the warmest soul if I like What a night 

Track 2. 'Talk Is Cheap'
Saxophone - sax - s a x - sex..? How did we get to this point? Sexy instrumentals tease us for a while before Chet provides groovy vocals.
That's what I'm thinking Not what I'm drinking.. Talk is cheap, my darling When you're feeling right at home I wanna make you move with confidence I wanna be with you alone

Track 3. 'No Advice (Airport Version)'
We return to the yoga studio for some more chilled out vibes before an echoey Chet reminds us to breathe evenly because most of us are in delusional states of floating (down the aisle?)
I feel it in my bones I feel it take me home

Track 4. 'Melt' feat Kilo Kish
The character Flaca in Orange Is The New Black describes it best: "It’s like getting into a bath but the water is like warm, chocolate pudding."
You won't leave me alone, every time I rest you're in my head Breaking bones, Breaking bones You make me lose my time, fall all over the words

Track 5. 'Gold'
I'm not going to lie. This is one of my favourites of all time. I want to review it with justice but I'm way too emotionally invested to accurately describe it. Listen for yourself.
You gotta know, I'm feeling love Made of gold

Notes from Chet Faker at Enmore, Sydney:
Chet is definitely a performance artist, the evening's production showcased his method of blending genres ranging from electronic beats to soulful blues is nothing short of amazing. Chet is fully equipped with collection of sequencers, synthesizers and keyboards, however this man has the most powerful set of lungs that is really all that he needs to bring the house down. He doesn't mind chatting to his captivated audience and discusses his views on live music industry and delighting us all with a improvisational piece titled "Enjoy My Fuck-Ups". The set list is mostly taken from of his debut album Built On Glass but a few other collaborations sneak in. I was extremely impressed by his Jeff Buckley cover of "I Want Someone Badly" as well as his infamous cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity". However the night was highlighted by his Flume collaboration "Drop The Game" which allowed all the drunken fans to raise their voice and join in.

Track 6. 'To Me'
The vibes have changed. Chet almost describes that phase in a relationship where there is a tension or difficulty to say the things that you know will hurt your One. I don't want to put labels on it but listen to the rawness and the richness of the choir that comes in to support the honest to the lyrics. gentle beats and sweetness in lyrics.
When you look straight ahead and you wish you were dead, Now (now), are you giving? You're giving it all for nothing

Track 7. '/'
A old school gentleman advises you to flip the record to the distant crackling of a gramophone

Track 8. 'Blush'
The angst vibe is still present in this song but I feel at this point the frustration to find the right words to say to your One has surpassed now actions speak louder sort of deal. The beats demand to be listened to and Chet sings with boldness.
I kiss your knees and I try to be bold

Track 9. '1998'
If you aren't bopping your head, shaking your foot or moving any part of your limbs whilst you listen to this song you must be purposely rejecting this song's cheekiness. There is no other way to describe it. Chet is describing the feeling of embracing that post relationship attitude and telling those negative feelings to gtfo.
Take my good word Turn it backwards Turn your back on me 

Track 10. 'Cigarettes & Loneliness'
There is no denying the various shades of sweetness in the song; almond to vanilla and the shades of cream in-between. I can hear the preciousness of a romantic crush and the promise of new horizons, there is energy but it's holding back a bit. Infatuation approaching love.
Breathe, this is love without love without love

Track 11. 'Lesson In Patience'
This is desire. This is blues. This is dark rich chocolate. This is 18+ mature content. This track is describing those hypnotising effect of love and the enchanting perspective of it. Sexy instrumentals support these ideas layered over a the vibrations of a baritone saxophone.

Track 12. 'Dead Body'
This is a promise; marital vowels perhaps?
Someone told they bet I'll be sorry but I can't be wrong enough

The final verdict…
Alas, the impossibility of marrying an album prevails but, I would like to think Built On Glass will inspire lovers though their relationship though its lyrical and compositional qualities. This album is what perfection sounds like, it's not flawless but it's imperfections are beautiful.

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