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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Summer has got me feeling how much I wish to be child again. Okay to eat ice blocks for dinner, okay to have an afternoon nap, okay to be scarred at the arrival of loud storms, okay to unemployed and the luxury of zero responsibilities. The photo above shows my much loved childhood porcelain figurines, a collection that has grown with my current twenty-something-year-old-adult/nana hobby.

For those new to this spectator sport where I pretend to be a blogger, and you sometimes observe my attempts; I usually upload regular 'Just A Minute' monthly posts describing personal life events, recent reads, music I'm listening too and screen time highlights (films or tv series). These posts have been a constant but not recently, and this is a representation on how little time I have had this half of the year. However I always make time for music, so I created my first season mixtape for spring '14  and here is another for summer 14/15. I pinky promise each of you that regular posts will start happening after the christmas mayhem.


 1. Bon Iver Re-stacks
2. James Vincent West Coast 
3. Conor O'Brien Mysteries of Love
4. #1 Dads So Soldier (feat. Ainslie Wills)
5. The Paper Kites Featherstone
6. Glass Animals Gooey
7. Airling Wasted Pilots 
8. Zero 7 In The Waiting Line
9. Sarah Blasko God Fearing 
10. Seabear I Sing I Swim

Special Mention
Marc Ronson and Kevin Spacey - Daffodils 
Click here to listen because the internet has only provided a single shoddy phone camera footage of the band playing a live (early version) and I really really wanted to add it into the mix but due to quality restrictions yadda-yadda. I am totally loving this groovy Motown meets funk Tame Impala hybrid. 

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  1. Glad to see you're a Zero 7 fan! Love that track.