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Monday, 31 March 2014

Wes Anderson magic has had me spellbound for years. The colour themes, the soundtracks, those loveable characters, the attention to detail, the costumes, the funny quotes, the interesting story lines, and of course Bill Murray. The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception to signature Wes Anderson splendour having entranced me in the exciting tale of Lobby-boy Zero and Maître ´d M. Gustav (Ralph Fiennes) whom are involved in a conspiracy surrounding estate arrangements. My personal review… 
Mendl's pastries made me drool over eclairs, narration by Jude Law could make a phonebook sound beautiful, although, slightly disappointed in the minimal Bill Murray screen time. 
The movie is officially released in Australian theatres on April 10 and any fan of Wes Anderson is sure to enjoy. While you impatiently wait you could check out this sweet documentary on classic Wes Anderson directing or maybe try a game of Wes Anderson bingo or if you don't mind seeing a preview of the movie you could watch behind the scenes footage with director commentary. 

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