Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Sir?" she repeats. "How soon do you want it to get there?" - Jay Asher Thirteen Reasons Why

Greetings and salutations lovely readers,
This post is typed with the nervous excitement that I'm sure like many authors of first sentences of prose struggle to write. So, in order to assure confidence in this first post, I have included the first sentence of the fiction novel I am currently reading. Indeed my many thanks is given to Jay Asher whose prose I am reading with gusto and zealously indulging. Thank you.
Three facts.
One: Paige is the name I respond to when heard called.
Two: I am a librarian student with a passion for literature.
Three: To my dismay, after spending months suffering the burden of a 'quarter life & existential crisis' love child, I now find myself enlightened as to the trajectory of my future* if all goes fine and dandy this shall be a singular yellow brick, on my golden pavement to Oz. Please bare with me with the overall layout of the blog as I am sure this will evolve into a brilliant blog with the nurturing hours of procrastination.
*Okay, marco-manage planning

Ta for reading,

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