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Friday, 5 April 2013

1. The album cover for Daughter - If You Leave. This folk album is full of musical delights that have me swooning over the acoustic instrumentals married with aching percussion & phantasmal, almost ghostly vocals. My iTunes has special commendation for Amsterdam, much love for Still but the gem of this album has to be Youth that has donned the crown of my Autumn anthem. This song is magic. With every pluck of a guitar string and every lyric sung I imagine a flower in my chest unfurling. What these talented creatives of Daughter have done is articulate the rawness and complexity of relationship and conjured in a magical display of sound.
2. My polyvore set designed from the external creative stimuli of the 'If You Leave' tracks. When I listen to these songs I imagine a beautiful woman trapeizing through nature scenery, in a delicate dress oblivious to everything enthralled in a her own world. Perhaps, she is subconsciously following forest moths or the movements the wind makes through grass or low-lying branches.
*Please excuse my rough editing skills, for I have been out of practise with this site for some time.

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