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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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Greetings darlings! 
I'm just popping in the share these gorgeous coincidences that made my April a little bit special! 
1. This darling print can't help but inspire heart palpitations. The artist whom is talented enough to cause a state of reverie simply over coloured ink and the magic of art is known as Caitlin Shearer. An Australian artist who will forever have my heart, if you so well please, I suggest you admire Caitlin Shearer's blog which contains so many marvellous posts which I happen to live vicariously through. This is Caitlin's post on the lady, which I can't help to see as a role model for my current Librarian career goals.
2. I just had to include this still from Buffy of my all time favourite ass kicking librarians, Giles. This is taken from a Halloween episode in season four, it has me in a fit of giggles every time I watch it. "Happy Halo- Hello Buffy... It's a sombrero"

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