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Friday, 6 December 2013

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Season Greetings darlings, welcome to the first segment in the Happy Holidays Feature! I am sorry this is delayed considering the Holiday Season is well in full swing. Although this post doesn't accurately represent my premature excitement for christmas as I personally wrestled the family tree out of its hibernation  in the last week of November! I have been spending some time on Pinterest lately and oh my haven't I caught the festive-bug! I can't help but admire the modern adaptions on trees which such a old tradition, however these are not everyones cup of tea (my family is still very traditional with its twenty year old battered tree). I hope you get a giggle out of the Snape christmas tree as I did (Oh tumblr you old fiend!)

Reading Carina's blogposts on Christmas we discussed in the comment section the struggle for Australians to experience all the blissful serendipities of this marvellous festive season. Christmas is in our Summer and that 'wintery Christmas magic' of my dreams isn't a reality. However, we make our own traditions and the key elements of being surrounded by family is the most important factor. This 'Happy Holiday's' feature will include some of those details that make this festive season special for me. 

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