Greenpatch | Part I

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Here is Part I of Greenpatch travel diaries, for those unfamiliar with the area 'south of Sydney', five hours from the New South Wales capital there is a little slice of paradise called Booderee National Park. It is here that you will find a frame to capture "Australian" iconography (beach, roo's & bush) This first post will feature bush sights of Greenpatch and those in the Jervis Bay area and the second post will highlight the beach.

I spent a few nights in February camping with my sister and grandma close to Bristol Point. We chose to camp at Greenpatch this time of the year because it was a uni break, my employers excused me from my work duties and the weather is a little cooler. Camping is an experience easily forgotten, whether it is my body's mechanism of convincing me that nothing went wrong last time, and camping will be a alternative summertime pastime than to binge watch tv shows. I personally believe it is similar to the memory loss that mother's suffer when recalling childbirth; overall the outcome outweighs the burden of suffering.

List of things I always forget about camping:
+birds are loud
+there is a 99% chance that your air mattress will deflate
+the way the tent becomes a fiery furnace courtesy of the blazing morning sun
+camping food isn't the healthiest diet and won't be featured on a morning tv program anytime soon
+sunburn will sting and one application of sunblock will not make you tanner quicker, just stupider
+the smell of open air campground bathroom facilities
+children cycling by (at all hours) 20cm from your tent/face is the perfect alarm for your contraception
+birds are LOUD
+what people did pre-internet times after the sun sets at 8pm?
+alcohol is okay with/after lunch
+erecting a tent isn't all fun and games
+birds are bastards

My personal highlight reel of this mini-vacay includes chasing possums out of my tent and away from the Cocopops at midnight & the cozy blanket fort vibes. Greenpatch is guaranteed to provide the answer to whatever you are looking for. Whether that might be the answer to someone asking you to join in on a outdoor activity; the vitamin d will do you some good

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