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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Surprise this blog post is l o n g overdue but here it is; my trip to Melbourne! For me, returning home from a holiday calls for a reflection on the past traveling experiences and maybe planning the next adventure. No better way than to throwback to this time last year when I had taken a short 2 hour domestic flight from Sydney down to Victoria for a tattoo booking and was accompanied by my close friend and sister. Melbourne is a beautiful city this being my third trip in two years, I was familiar with the city but we had a long list of things to return to and visit for the first time.

We spent four nights and five days at a beautiful AirBnB apartment located in the suburb of Fitzroy. I can't recommend this place enough! The friendliest host whom had great recommendations and had styled this studio apartment like it was out of a interior magazine I would read. I will try to keep this post short and simply list the favourites from this trip. Now keep in mind we aren't huge clothes shoppers and believe money is better spent on food.

/ / Favourite sights \ \
+ Gallery of Victoria
+ State Library of Victoria Le Mis exhibit
+ Rose Lane Markets
+ Dreamworks animation exhibit
+ Hoizer Lane
+ picnic with goodies from Queen Victoria Markets

/ / Favourite Eateries \ \
+ Breakfast Thieves
+ Pellegrinis Espresso Bar
+ Industry Beans
+ Vegie Bar
+ Yong Green food
+ Lord of the Fries
+ Kettle Black
+Italian on Lygon street

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